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nice creepy game cory played it


interesting storyline, badly executed.

good game, almost beat it first try lol. also where are we at when we die?


I played the game the hardest is when you see this guy named Alex when he finds out that you are near you can't escape

I loved the concept and had a blast playing this. I've always wanted to play it and i finally got that chance! Also i beat it if anyone wants to see how =) 

i have beaten the game am i one of the 000%001 to complete this game

can you beat this game?


This game is annoyingly difficult. Add a sprint and a way to escape Alex and I would love playing it. Can't wait to see it fully developed. Don't give up on this game. It has potential!

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Is it have virus?

got me scared even though its just some lil dude lmao. pretty okay game.


it wont let me download your game fix your website bruh :/


I love this game. The graphics are awesome, and the developer should try to make a creepier version of Alex. I'm trying to get my YouTube channel popular with this game. Here's my video...

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lucky did you play it for free or did you install it??

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Nighttime Visitor 2 ???

Voiko tämä Nighttime Visitor pelin saada myös tabletteihin, ibad ja puhelimiin?

Nice Game :D 

how do i play cause it wont let me

The first game... I like it =D

This game might be very old by now. But I have to say that it was not that bad. Just a bit aggravating when you have no idea where to go. It would be easier if you had an objective or atleast some sense of direction. Maybe even a means to not instantly run into the little man. If you wanna see more, just in case. I mean you never know. Here is my video.

I'm pretty late to the party but here is my gameplay!

It's actually difficult if you don't pay attention to where you go and how you use the calling mechanic. It's actually fun even if it took me a long time!

how do i run Nightimevisitor.exe

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Bro, you need to go to your file explorer. Go to File explorer, and then click on "Downloads", and then look for and click it to unzip it, and then it will turn into "NighttimeVisitor.exe" and then click that to run it.


why 7up is trying to kill you in this game???

That's the point. 7up is Alex right?

why on earth did this make me jump? XD


This game is super weird.

For a little child to scare me makes the game so great and fun to play! Tho I didn't escape (cause me scared boi) I posted it on a video! Can be found at 7:01


this game is scary i played it last night and i got pursued by.... Alex

needs to be a little bit more scary in my opinion ! but it still good though !

here's my gameplay :)

was hoping for a lil more spook, also game audio just stopped about 2 mins in. Never worked again.

uhhh..lil paper guy ;-;

Really enjoyed this game! Really liked the phone tag mechanic, would love to see that implemented more often! Late to this game but still very much enjoyed it!  

This game is a tad strange. I would love to see more in the future 

Knowing that someone is inside there and looking for you is creepy and bone-chilling. You manage to make the player feel insecure and on his/her toes during the gameplay. When Alex calls, you don't want to push that wrong button and answering that phone in fear you won't know where hes at. 

I'm looking forward to your upcoming games. Never stop developing. 


Fear that I don't know and the funny looking killer are impressive games.
I am not good at playing horror games, but I played with fun.

한줄평: 기억나는 건 숨소리와 살인마의 귀여움

install only data :/

install only data :/

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the 3rd game i played :D

This game had me laughing really bad until the monster came out hes WAY too fast.

someone pls tell me how to get the game

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