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This was not your typical scary game. The killer looks like a paper cutout lol but for some reason I really enjoyed it! You walk through a labyrinth of hallways all while trying to keep your phone silent. It is just a fun concept. The only problem I had with it was I didn't see the point of calling Alex back. I think it was supposed to help me know if he was close but I couldn't really tell. Anyway, all-in-all I really enjoyed this game so thanks for letting me try it out!

If you want to watch some of my gameplay, here it is:

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*Rawr* I tried out the game, had fun! Although I do wish, deep down that the 'enemy' trying to kill us was.....scarier? More threatening-looking? xD I wanted to ask the dev, if there was a goal, a proper ending, a room we're meant to find and go to, and what happens then? Hope I can get an answer, may try this again if so.

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There is indeed a goal. You can escape through the stairs door, once you find it. Though the ending is nothing much, I didn't have enough time to implement something proper there. You're not missing much. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the response :P I hope you expand this game one day, the concept has a lot of potential and I can see it doing well.

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OMG The guy on the phone was awesome the game was give GREAT!!

I recently played this game on my channel and thought this game was AWESOME!!!

looks cool

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Hey I recorded a let's play of this hope that's cool, It's a fun little horror experience.

This game was AWESOME! I love how you used the sound and atmosphere to make this game so intense and freaky - and highlighting the fact that the mind will make something WAY worse than any monster you put into a game!

I had to make a video on this one! Keep up the great work!

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Hey I played your game, recorded it for YouTube as well, it is really awesome and it gives that scary atmosphere, I will definitely try to beat it in the future. Although I don't like the design of the killer, he gave me few jumpscares, anyway here's the video if any of you guys wan't to watch it or support my channel. Awesome game 4/5.

Edited so many times cause I can't figure out how to make my video appear as thumbnail on this site. hahah

I can't download it guys

how do u play the game?

error says data folder not found. cant you just download the file without winzip

You can't, because it's an exe file and the data folder, which has a bunch of files inside of it, including 3 more folders of stuff. Everything should be in the right place in the zip. Try renaming the folder next to the exe just "Data".

Maybe I should make an installer...

i played the game

I tried your game. I like it, has a decent athmosphere and actually unsettled me. I just do not have enough patience to beat it ;)

I played your game

It scared me. Thanks :3

Hey good game, but it would be awesome to have a fullscreen feature.

This was a really awesome game! Had a lot of fun playing it and making a video out of it!

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Gonna get you!

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I enjoyed this game! I did a short little Let's Play with it!

every time I try to run it it says data folder not found when I have it right next to the application.

Try renaming the data folder simply to "Data". Normally, the data folder needs to have the exact same name as the exe file, except with "_Data" at the end. But just "Data" should work too. If that doesn't work, try redownloading the game, or try restarting your computer. Otherwise I'm not quite sure what this could be, it seems like a random Unity problem or something that may be caused by a small glitch during zip archive extraction...

is it fun?



i had no lights now i cannot see any thing

It is fun

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Well that was interesting concept as I like insanity, and Alex does seem to be kinda insane. I liked the sound design and atmosphere as stellar and kinda simple environment helps to create that uncanny feeling. I had some fun with the game but I can't hide fact that I was disappointed with Alex as without any threatening features he is not much of a danger. Also I feel that I might have miss something in the game as I didn't really understand the mechanics of the game. I had no idea how to properly avoid Alex or what was the meaning of the knocking into the doors. After few changes I would love to see what this game become so keep up the good work!

For anyone interested I will leave my little reaction gameplay video.

Enjoy !

it is fun

Thanks for your comment, and for the video. To avoid Alex it helps to call him and listen for his phone ringing, to try and estimate where he is.

This was an awesome horror game! Check out my let's play for this game!

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Such an intense game to put you on the endge of your seat! Got to say Alex is a fast mover! I recorded a quick play through of the game!


Had an awesome time with this game! It was tense and I really think that's down to how good the sound design is in this game! Even after I saw Alex it didn't lose that sense of paranoia and dread.

Good job!

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This is a simple yet pretty intense little game. The graphics are well done, the sound fits perfect with the atmosphere, and the dialogue is funny to hear. I wasn't expecting this game to be as intense. When I went into the game I thought I was simply playing a weird kind of hide and seek. Well when I rounded that corner and saw Alex I knew things just got a little more serious. There isn't a lot to the game but I still hated every time I heard that phone ringing. I'm curious where the game is going to go from here but I hope there's a way to someday beat Alex at his own game. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

I'M COMIN TO GETCHA! | Nighttime Visitor

Thanks for the comment and the video. The game is indeed beatable, if you can escape. I suppose I could say it takes a bit of tactical phone usage and perhaps a little luck to do it.

what's your app

I try to get in the game but the computer keeps saying the it can not support the game. What do I do?

how do i get to play i keep getting to this place.Do i need to pay money to download it


No, the game is free. There should just be a download button right above.

I did my best :D

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Thanks for playing and making a video. Remember, if you're worried about where Alex is, you can call him and listen for the ring of his phone (if you have signal).

thank you :)

i got the rar stuff and cant find the game on my computer..... what is going on?


I can't seem to play this game. When I start the game the loading screen appears, then a few seconds later it crashes. There's not much to adjust in the Options so, I don't know what to do. Please help ;-;


Try this: Right click NighttimeVistor.exe and create a shortcut. Then right click the new shortcut and go to its properties. In the Target line, add a space to the end, and then type this:


Click OK and then open the shortcut to run the game and see if it works.


Thanks, it worked!

Firstly, i want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. I still haven't beaten it, mostly because I probably don't call Alex enough.I would LOVE to see this expanded, maybe as a survive the night type thing. Thanks for making this!

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Thanks so much. I probably will try to make a better, expanded, more complete version of the game.

Really the only problems i've seen are Alex's design, which while creative is kinda lackluster and the shortness of it once you get kinda good. I think this scares people because the situation seems real so making a more "realistic" Alex would do good. That doesn't mean you have to get rid of the idea of the drawing worlds though. I'd love to help out with ideas.

it was useless knocking doors and calling to Alex's phone. i cleared only ignoring alex's call.

It's true, there's no mechanical use to knocking on doors... Just sometimes you'll get someone who replies.

It actually has some use calling alex's phone, it'll let you hear where he is.

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For some reason when I try to start the game it just doesn't open at all?

I'm not sure what it could be so I'd have to look at the log. Could you go into the folder NighttimeVisitor_data, find the file output_log.txt, and send that file to this email:

i couldnt really figure out how to unrar it :/

First off, gotta get WinRAR if you don't have it:

Once you've got it, or if you've already got it, just download the game and it'll come in a RAR archive. Put the archive where you want the game to be. Then you just right click the archive and click "extract here". That should be all you need to do, then you can play it.

Really cool game! I included it in my AGDG Halloween Game Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :)

This is actually pretty damn cool. Props dude, a nice idea really well implemented on short notice, spooked me proper good.

Would recommend a death animation or something to let first time players know they've actually been killed rather than encountered a scripted event.

Too scary for me to finish, keep at it

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