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Really enjoyed how weird this game was, I'd love to see more to come from it!

why i can't download it

he tell me sothing wrong

pls answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what can i do to accpet download?

When I try to open the game, although the menu works fine and I am able to enter into gameplay, there is only audio but not video aside from the lights and onscreen prompts. I followed the download instructions correctly (so I believe) and don't understand why this is happening. Could anyone help in any way?



With just a few words...I HATE ALEX! Cool concept and sometimes also i was getting the hibby jibbies without a!Anyway, thanks a lot for that opportunity!Can't wait to see more from you dev :) Here is also my let's play:

why dosent let me play every time i play it freezes on me and i really really want to play so can you plz tell me how to play or why its doing that plz thanks

What happens exactly? Does it freeze before you even get to the menu, or before you get in game, or during gameplay?

Something general to try: Right click NighttimeVistor.exe and create a shortcut. Right click the new shortcut and go to its properties. In the Target line, add a space to the end, and then type this:


Click OK and then open the shortcut to run the game and see if it works.

Really fun game with a very unique mechanic! Loved that enemy design in this game too! Very Nostalgic haha!


Just did a playthrough of this! Wasn't what I expected (clearly from the thumbnail) but I actually thoroughly enjoyed this game! I took it for what it is, and even though I didn't complete it (I dont think) I had an enjoyable time. Check out my gameplay and leave some feedback if youd like. God job with this one though, you made me jump and laugh at the same time.


Nice jumpscare, bruh.


Great concept and tension. My only complaint is with the enemy's character model, after seeing it the first time a lot of the tension was lost as the game just felt silly. Otherwise, fantastic game. 8/10

I don't play on a macbook. I play on a Mac osx El captian. That PC is GIANT!


It actually made me scream a few times! A great time killer. Also a funny game to have your friends play haha. Here's my play of it, if anybody's interested and wants to see what it's like

lmfao, 2:57, im deadddd

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Is there anyway to put the game in a lower resolution, it won't let me in the options, makes it a little hard to record the game if its in full screen

Sorry, there isn't right now.

can this game be downloaded for macs or is it just Windows?

Right now, it's just Windows, but maybe I'll try to build for Mac soon.

thank you, i will wait patiently for the release of the mac version of this game.

How do you play games on a crappy ass Macbook,No, they don't deserve it. Let Windows have this one.

what about apple😭😭

on a crappy ass Macbook? Boy you better go out to best buy and get you a Windows 10, intel i7

i know this nighttime vistor that alex will kill you!!


This game was actually so fun I couldn't beat the game though. It was interesting hard and awesome. Here's a link to a video I did.

I play a ton of indie games so come check the channel out or send me some games to play :D

Gave this game a go and it was fun, really enjoyed it!

I loved this game, had the perfect amount of tension, made you use your senses, and you had to make no mistakes to complete the game. Keep up the amazing work!

Made a video :D I liked the game

nighttime visitors

Brilliant little game. many thanks :)

Hey, nice game! Did a let's play of it for Halloween:

Just recently played and recorded this game. Sadly, I wasn't able to retrieve the ending of the game but I think I got the deserved experience the game offered for me. Here is my playthrough of the game:

The game is OVERALL a good and UNIQUE horror game in MY opinion :D

I want to play this game on my chrome-book but it's only for windows, please make it available for chrome-books as I WANT/NEED Alex to freak me out. lol ;D

Hey uhm can you update this game? Its got so much potential I need you to do something xD


Thanks. I'm gonna do more than update it.

There isn't much at my blog yet, but soon I think some posts regarding the incident of a particular nocturnal visitation will trickle in:

Follow if you want to see that stuff, and thanks for playing.

K I don't have a tumblr or know what it is, I think its like a facebook thing, but You got me excited now, and that was your mistake because now I cannot wait.


So I love the entire Doodlebob evil cousin thing going on. I figured out you can call him back and locate him so I thought that was the way out, I was WRONG. Honestly I couldn't finish it, the farther I got in the more anxious I got that he was coming for me and I just couldnt get over the anxiety. Good job sir

your space


Interesting game. Didn't figure out the mechanic of the phone until halfway through, which is completely my fault. Gotta say, hearing a phone ringing in the hands of a monster somewhere close by is pretty unnerving, even more so when put alongside the seemingly random noises behind those doors.

If there was anything I had to gripe on, it's Alex's design. Seems kind of cartoony when the game is otherwise serious, but it goes alongside the "Game Over" area. Cool mechanics, but wasn't able to beat it because Alex is a super sleuth or something.

Anyway, great job! And thank you for an amazing game!

how bo get to play the game

This game was very unique and a lot of fun :D


I think an amazing addition to this game would be multiplayer. 1 v 1 someone playing as alex and the other person trying to escape and the level would be randomly generated so it wouldn't be easy to escape. This is not a request its just an idea but if executed properly it would be awesome.

Had a ton of fun with this game! Definitely need to revisit it now that I've read up on the game more :P Running into Alex scared the shit out of me, make sure to check it out right here-

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I didn't get pretty far but I loved the style, the loom and feel of someone supervising your every move and moment! is chill inducing I love this, although I did get lost, here is my Video on it! :D any advice would be helpful as well!

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This is pretty cool. I like what you did with the phone but I think I didn't quite figure out how to use it. All I could figure out was when I'd call him I'd know if he's really close but then it would be too late.

I was not successful but I did make a little video:

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This does not work as a scary game. All the scares are cliché as hell. Other than that it's interesting at some places.

This was not your typical scary game. The killer looks like a paper cutout lol but for some reason I really enjoyed it! You walk through a labyrinth of hallways all while trying to keep your phone silent. It is just a fun concept. The only problem I had with it was I didn't see the point of calling Alex back. I think it was supposed to help me know if he was close but I couldn't really tell. Anyway, all-in-all I really enjoyed this game so thanks for letting me try it out!

If you want to watch some of my gameplay, here it is:

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*Rawr* I tried out the game, had fun! Although I do wish, deep down that the 'enemy' trying to kill us was.....scarier? More threatening-looking? xD I wanted to ask the dev, if there was a goal, a proper ending, a room we're meant to find and go to, and what happens then? Hope I can get an answer, may try this again if so.

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There is indeed a goal. You can escape through the stairs door, once you find it. Though the ending is nothing much, I didn't have enough time to implement something proper there. You're not missing much. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the response :P I hope you expand this game one day, the concept has a lot of potential and I can see it doing well.

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OMG The guy on the phone was awesome the game was give GREAT!!

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